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Mangrove forests play an essential part in maintaining the ecological balance of the world. They influence the climate, buffer shorelines from storm damage, provide shelter and act as major nurseries for fish and shrimps. This excursion takes you on a voyage of exploration to experience the landscape and discover the exotic plants and animal species that make up this special ecosystem.

After short drive to the jetty, we board a boat and commence our journey to the mangrove forests and the ancient limestone outcrops of the northeast part of the island. Many of the species we will see survive in this dynamic environment through ingenious methods of adaptation to the constant change dictated by the rise and fall on the tides. This rich environment has everything from plants that survive in salt water to fish that walk on land, to kingfishers, eagles and kites and, and if we are very lucky, dolphins and otters too. Mangroves are complex and fascinating, offering the bizarre and the beautiful.

Trip Notes


Lunch and english speaking guide


2 adults per order


Daily at 0930hrs except Mondays & Fridays at 1030hrs.
What to bring: wear swimsuit under short pants and t-shirt, sandals or flip flops, hat and towel and to bring sunblock lotion.
Pick up from your hotel.

These tours operate on the principle that you may be in a small group of other people.

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Langkawi mangrove tour

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